President΄s Message


President΄s Message


Vassiliki Kordera. President of Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic.







There have already passed 36 years since BERGMANN KORD΄s founding, but our vision still remains the same:  

To offer the optimum solutions in hair loss treatment.  

We are really proud that BERGMANN KORD remains all these years the best hair clinic in Greece, ensuring the best possible individualized solution for each patient. The high level of quality, the advanced know-how, the personalized treatment, the reliable, responsible and serious approach, all are unnegotiable values and standards in order to maintain and continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of our services.

At BERGMANN KORD, we always have the will and the ability to provide you with the best possible scientific hair care. So if you decide on restoring your hair and obtaining new attitude, BERGMANN KORD can offer you the best possible solution.  


Vassiliki Kordera