Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The vision and purpose of the management and staff at the Bergmann Kord Hair Clinics is to offer the best choice in the treatment of hair loss, helping to improve the quality of life of all those who trust us.

Our goals

• To always offer high quality medical services.

• To treat each patient individually with an emphasis on personal contact and care, a personalized approach and seamless communication.

• To follow the Greek legislation and the international guidelines, as well as the rules of medical ethics.

• To apply the most advanced and effective treatment techniques for hair loss and hair transplantation.

• To maintain very high success rates in our treatments.

We are committed:

• For the continuous monitoring of technological developments, the information, the training and the evaluation of our staff.
• For the continuous modernization of our equipment.
• For the continuous improvement of the services provided in order to continuously improve the satisfaction of our patients.
• Ensuring the protection of customers’ confidential information.
• To ensure the safeguarding of the personal data of the patients and the employees of the Unit through the observance of the European Data Protection Regulation GDPR.
• For the continuous monitoring of the operations of the Clinic through a framework of indicators that are updated at regular intervals.
• For monitoring and managing incidents (near misses) and adverse events.
• For the definition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the measurement and monitoring of the above 12 quality dimensions set by the standard EN 15224.
• For the strict monitoring and management of the clinical processes of the Clinic and the business environment as well as the clinical risks that may arise from them.
• For the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System.

• The monitoring of the clinical processes of the Clinic and their integration in the procedures of the Department through a specific framework of approvals and trainings.

• The continuous provision of high quality health, safety and service services to customers that comply with the requirements of 11 quality dimensions as described in EN 15224.

12 Quality Dimensions

1. Appropriate & correct treatment.

2. Availability.

3. Continued care.

4. Effectiveness.

5. Efficiency (cost-effectiveness etc.).

6. Equality between patients.

7. Documented, based on protocols.

8. Care focused on patients’ needs (physical, psychological, social).

9. Patient safety.

10. Providing care at the right time / in the right order.

11. Patient accessibility (Timeliness / accessibility).

12. Patient involvement.