Mega Sessions | Hair Transplant

Mega Sessions | Hair Transplant

Mega Sessions at BERGMANN KORD are all the hair transplant procedures of more than 3.000 Follicular Units.
Mega sessions can be the ideal option for those who desire more complete results in only one session.
This technique is mostly preferred by travelers abroad. Mega sessions respond effectively to the demands of adequate coverage and density in only one session.

Essential prerequisite for undergoing a mega session is a quite dense and elastic Donor Area, as mega sessions allow the maximized exploitation of the donor area.

Each mega session procedure consists of different and demanding stages. The most significant parameters in mega sessions are the skills and the experience of the medical team, along with their ability of flawless coordination.

Mega sessions at BERGMANN KORD last 7 hours on average. We make all necessary efforts to make this period relaxing and pleasant for you.
During your mega session procedure you can have a conversation with the medical team, watch TV or simply relax. In the mean time you can take a break.

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