Valuable Information

Valuable Information

Our Clinic provides all the necessary pre-operation information so that to be fully informed about the details of the procedure:

What are the documents, I have to read?

How many grafts can be placed daily?

The number of the grafts that can be placed depends from each case. We estimate a number of 1200-2000 grafts per day and that is the reason we have to make a good planning of the visit in Greece.

Do I have to shave all my hair?

If you are having up to 1200 grafts, it is possible to have the procedure without shaving the all the hair in the sites and back.
In this case you have to let your hair grow more than 5 cm. We will then shave small parts of the donor site where donor hairs will be removed and then the existing longer hair will cover the area that has been shaved.

If you are planning to have a procedure over 1200 grafts, then the donor area must be shaved.

Can I fly home the same day?

We recommend staying and relaxing on the evening of your procedure and flying home the following day. 

Will I be collected from the airport?

Yes, our staff will arrange to wait for you at the airport and drive you to the Hotel or direct to our Clinic, depending of the arrival time of your flight.

Can you arrange my Hotel?

Yes, we take care for all the details of your visit and we will arrange your Hotel, either in Elements Hotel or anywhere else you like to book.

Will there be pain on the evening of the procedure?

Maybe there will be some disturbances during the first day after the operation.

Can I bring a partner to travel with me?

Yes, of course.

Can you arrange some days holidays for me?

Yes, we can help and in cooperation with a local travel agency to arrange any destination you like to go.

How will I look after the procedure?

Usually there is no bandaging. Some irritation will be visible for the first days.

Will I need to take medication following the procedure?

Yes, we will provide you with medication which will need to be taken for three days following the procedure.

Will there be any swelling following the procedure?

There is a possibility, especially for large operations and in cases that the most of the grafts are placed in the front, of swelling in the forehead region for the first 3 days after the procedure.

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