Terms of Use

Terms of Use


All users of our web site are requested to carefully read the terms of use, as accessing and using Bergmann Kord S.A.΄sweb site immediately entails endorsement of the terms of use by the user. 

Bergmann Kord S.A. reserves the right to modify the terms of use and make the changes public though its web site. For this reason, we recommend that you read the terms of use each time you enter our site.


User’s liability

Users of our web site should abstain from any illegal or undue use of the web site΄s content and make proper and lawful use of its services.

Bergmann Kord S.A. disclaims responsibility for any indirect, accidental or willful action of counterfeiting the elements of its site. Responsibility for the use of the site lies exclusively with the user.

Any action that aims at provoking damage to the content, the systems, the distributed data and the web site in general, gives Bergmann Kord S.A. the right to take all the necessary legal actions in order to defend its interests.



All the content, information and services of our web site (including without limitation: texts, photos, graphics, video, sounds, logos, brand names) belong to Bergmann Kord S.A. according to theapplicable law about copyright and industrial property.

Any utilization, reproduction, republication, publication, modification of the web site΄s services and the services it offers, without Bergmann Kord S.A.΄sconsentis hereby prohibited. 

By way of exception, actions for personal, non profiteering purposes (printing, copying, saving in a PC or distribution on the condition the source is referenced) are allowed.


Online diagnosis and further information through web | Medical Disclaimer

All information in our web site, online diagnosis and all communication via e-mail in general, cannot in any way substitute for personal consultation and examination by the doctor, so it cannot be regarded as medical advice.

All information provided though our web site is for purposes of general information only. Bergmann Kord S.A. has expended every possible effort to ensure the maximum explicitness, reliability, correctness and validity. 

On no account, even in cases arising from omissions of any user, has Bergmann Kord S.A. any liability for thefurther actions and options of the users and they are asked to act of their own volition.


Other Links

In our web site there are links to other web sites. We believe they can provide information in relation to the subject in question each time. Bergmann Kord S.A., disclaims any and all liability for their availability, content nor for any problems that may occur during the users’ visit to them.

Moreover, we are not familiar with the privacy policy and terms of use implemented by linked websites, therefore we propose that the users are informed thereof each time they follow a link.


Disclaimer οf Endorsement

Reference to these links is exclusively made for the convenience of the users and does not necessarily entail endorsement, advertisement, cooperation with or indirect proposal to the users of the linked site.



In case a lawsuit or claim, resultant from law infringement by the users, is filed against our web site, the user ought to interfere in the relevant raised process and reimburse our website in case it is obliged to reimburse or defray any expense.


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