The Hair Clinics

The Hair Clinics

Specialization & Experience in Hair Loss Restoration

Establishing the first hair clinic in 1979, Bergmann Kord is nowadays acknowledged as one of the most specialized hair transplant clinics worldwide.
Bergmann Kord combines the latest medical technology and state-of-the-art know-how.
Additionally offers the most advanced scientific hair loss treatments, through the implementation of specialized medical protocols and advanced methods.

Bergmann Kord has accomplished ISO 9001:2015 and EN15224 quality assurance certifications.
In such a way it ensures the implementation of high quality policies in all standards of Hair Transplantation.

Hair loss concerns a high percentage of people and all these years since our founding, Bergmann Kord makes a valuable and honest contribution to hair loss restoration.

Our every effort has been oriented toward finding the best possible solution for our patients. Every need, like every individual, is unique.
The people who experience hair loss have given needs and seek responsible and effective solutions.
The analysis and precise identification of these needs, along with the recommendation and implementation of the treatment called for, are the aim of our efforts.

Bergmann Kord operates 6 Hair Clinics in Greece.

Our Principles

Bergmann Kord principles help us to abide by our commitments. All of our planning is founded on our desire to offer our patients the greatest possible satisfaction and benefit, through:

  • Individualized care and personalized treatment: Objective and reliable consultation, personalized hair transplantation planning and individualized treatment.
    These are our directions for accomplishing the optimized solution for each patient.
  • Specialization and experience: Bergmann Kord was the first hair clinic founded in Greece (1979).
    Since then, hair loss treatment is the exclusive field of our activity.
    Extensive experience and absolute specialization allow us to implement the most advanced and effective solutions in hair loss treatment.
  • State-of-the-art know-how and cutting-edge methods: Our doctors are constantly kept up to date and closely monitor new developments on hair transplantation.
    In such a way we implement the most advanced techniques.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bergmann Kordfully supports the work of Greek Foundations for women with Breast Cancer.

A vital element of our philosophy at Bergmann Kord is the creation of work beneficial to others by actively contributing in own community.
In addition to our scientific department, our activities include taking social responsibility action, part of which is the support of different Greek Foundation for Women with Breast Cancer.

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