Body Hair Implantation

Body Hair Implantation

The use of the  FUE Hair Transplant Technique for hair implantation in various body elements is an operation performed regularly in our clinic and is used to increase the density of existing hair or deal with the complete lack of them.

This transplant is designed as the intended solution for hair loss, more often in the chest and abdomen areas. It can also be used for pubic hair, armpit hair and any other area.

Hair losses in these areas can be hereditary, caused by laser hair removal or even surgical scar restoration due to burns or other accidents.

Depending on the wishes of the patient, hair implantation can be performed in order to cover a small area facing hair loss with thin hairs.
Those are usually the center part of the chest and the pubic triangle.

Plan of the Procedure

After personal discussion, Bergmann Kord’s doctors will design the appropriate plan for hair restoration in specific areas. Based on the wishes and characteristics of the patient, the will choose the most appropriate way of implantation that will lead to a complete, aesthetically perfect, result.

The operation, using the FUE hair transplant technique is painless and performed under local anesthesia.
The process lasts from 3 to 8 hours depending on the case and the healing period isminimal.

Extraction of Isolated Hair Follicles

During the process, Bergmann Kord’s doctor, wearing special magnifying glasses, extracts the hair follicles one by one from scattered points of the Donor Area.

The whole process is performed with highly precise maneuvers and attention, to ensure the integrity and, by extension, the viability of the hair follicles.
This is done in order to minimize injury to the donor area and safeguard the integrity of surrounding hair follicles.

Extraction of Isolated Hair Follicles

From a technical aspect, the placement phase of the hair follicles is the most demanding of the whole process.
The hair follicles are implanted into the prepared receptors of the Recipient Area along with their surrounding tissue.