Our Hair Transplant Doctors

Bergmann Kord's hair transplant doctors.


Our Hair Transplant Doctors


Hair transplantation is a medical practice of mild gravity, but demands special skills and advanced aesthetic perception by the doctor-more than those demanded for a clearly surgical operation. The final result should be flawless at both a surgical and aesthetic level. The doctor should have both inherent and cultivated aesthetic perception in order to be able to integrate into his work the values of harmony, symmetry, beauty and aesthetics. Hair transplantation should perfectly match the patient΄s profile and ensure natural, undetectable results.  

BERGMANN KORD΄s specialized medical teams can provide permanent, absolutely natural and complete aesthetic results. Each medical team, besides the head surgeon, includes 2 assistant doctors, an anesthesiologist and specialized medical staff.

BERGMANN KORD΄s specialization in hair transplantation is evidenced by more than 60.000 successful hair transplantations and springs from the realization of the following fundamental values:  

  • Personalized treatment and individualized care by the doctors: BERGMANN KORD doctors show great interest in deeply understanding the patient΄s needs and stand by him before, during and after the operation. It is very important for a patient to feel they can depend on their doctor and make sure that the doctor can understand all the needs or concerns they might have.


  • Medical ethics: all the moral values that a doctor should serve, as well as integrity and conscientiousness, are the guiding principles for BERGMANN KORD doctors.


  • Implmentation of the most up-to-date and advanced techniques worldwide: with active participation in hair loss study and practice, our doctors implement the world΄s most innovative techniques in order to keep up with the new developments in science.


  • Combination of both developed surgical and aesthetic skills: the accomplishment of a natural and flawless aesthetic result demands competency and specific abilities. Besides, our doctors act out demanding corrective procedures to patients who apply to our clinic. BERGMANN KORD doctors share the same vision for their work to accomplish the best possible aesthetic results.


  • Constant keeping up to date and close monitoring of new developments: BERGMANN KORD provides all necessary training and support to its doctors in order to be at the cutting edge of hair transplant field: scientific educational programs, collaboration with other specialized hair transplantation centers abroad, attendance of European and Global Conferences.


  • Strict standards of selection and training: all these years of operation, BERGMANN KORD maintains strict standards of selection and training for its medical staff. All BERGMANN KORD doctors are specialized and extensively experienced in hair loss and hair transplantation issues.They are members of acknowledged medical associations.


  • Participation in informative seminars throughout Greece: our doctors provide personal hair loss diagnosis and consultation at all informative seminars organized by BERGMANN KORD.


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