P.H.T.P.   Plan

P.H.T.P. Plan

Personalised Hair Transplantation Plan (P.H.T.P.)

In order to attain a personalized approach to hair transplantation that is fully adapted to the patient΄s profile, BERGMANN KORD doctors draw up a Personalized Hair Transplantation Plan (P.H.T.P.) for each patient, which makes sure that the final result fits ideally to the patient΄s physiognomy.
With the patient΄s participation -always under medical guidance- our doctors establish the P.H.T.P., which is finally incorporated in the patient΄s medical record, along with his photos and all the medical data concerning him.

Hair Loss Classification

Extent of thinning and hair loss classification are the first parameters taken into consideration.

Personal Desires

 The personal goals of the patient (desired degree of thickness, desired degree of coverage of thinning area) are taken into account while setting up the hair transplantation plan.

Suitable Donor Area

 It is very important to ascertain whether the candidate has a donor area suitable for hair transplantation. Equally important is to wisely utilize the donor area in order to ensure adequate supply of hair according to possible future needs.

Patient’s Characteristics

 The patient΄s style, shape of the face, symmetry of facial characteristics, age, all are parameters which have to be considered collectively in order to design the frontal hairline and the temples.

Specifications of Hair and Scalp

The diameter, colour & texture of the shaft, scalp colour and laxity, all play a significant role in creating a satisfying degree of density.
For instance: fine, straight hair allows a smaller degree of coverage and density. The desired hairstyle after the hair transplantation could be taken into account as well.

Estimation of Future Hair loss Progress

Diagnosis provides reliable estimation of future hair loss. Whatever present needs are, it is absolutely necessary to estimate the future progress of hair loss.
This is to ensure a hair transplantation as closely fitting to the patient΄s profile as possible. Not only for the short term but also for the long term as the patient ages.
Aging is a factor that will bear differentiations and have future impact on the result. So it has to be considered in hair transplantation planning.

Attainable Objectives

Whatever the patient΄s desires are, they must get informed in an objective manner, responsibly and honestly. He / She must understand that their desires can be accomplished.
For instance, one may have an insufficient donor area. They should be well informed of what they should precisely expect from hair transplantation.
Our fundamental principle is to respect as much as is feasible each patient΄s desirable goals.

Eccentric Demands

Bergmann Kord΄s policy focuses on proposing the appropriate, personalized solution for each person in order to ensure a perfectly matching result.
If Bergmann Kord΄s experts evaluate that a patient΄s demands are not compatible with a fine personal profile, they will not undertake the hair transplantation.
In this case, they will explain in detail all the reasons why they believe it wouldn’t be wise to satisfy such eccentric demands.