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Bergmann Kord, a European, specialized hair clinic, with its headquarters located in Greece, has applied, for over 37 years, all the internationally recognized methods and techniques for the prevention and restoration of hair loss.

Today, Bergmann Kord steadily invests in clinical research and innovation in the field of hair, while exporting its significant know-how on the specific subject.

The clinic, as a market leader in Greece, is addressing a worldwide audience aiming to attract interested patients from other European countries and the world.

Medical tourism is now established as an important international trend in the field of hair loss restoration. A field with an interesting dynamic where the clinic, due to its quality of results, is certainly present.

On the other hand, there are a vast number of patients from around the world, who are searching, via the internet, for the most advanced medical services and the best value for money.

Bergmann Kord is a medical organization, with its exclusive object of specialization being hair loss restoration, having performed over 65.000 hair transplants. Thus, ensuring aesthetically perfect results for every patient.

There has been a significant rise in the interest for hair transplantation with the advanced FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, that is also being successfully used for implanting hair to the beardeyebrowsother body elements and for scar hair restoration.


The customer at the center of our interest


Along with high quality medical services, we offer to every foreign patient, personal services and assistance, according to their needs and offer comfort when it comes to their stay in our country, while they will have the opportunity to enjoy their vacation.

For this reason we offer every medical visitor, a full package that includes, except the medical services, their transport from and to the airport, their hotel and a representative from the clinic – as their chaperone – who, usually, speaks their language. At the same time, there is a partnership with selected travel agencies, so that guests can enjoy special VIP tourism packages, if they so wish.

We must emphasize that Greece is a perfectly safe country for its visitors. Despite the agitation in our neighborhood, the country remains a destination where the visitor can feel perfectly safe.

Our goal is for Greece to gain an excellent reputation as a medical destination of quality results in hair transplantation. Something that will, in turn, highlight the level of health services in our country, resulting in the rise of the number of medical visitors in general.

The success we have had until this point, the proven quality of services and medical results of our clinic in the field of hair loss restoration as well as in hair transplantation, along with Greek philoxenia, have attracted a significant number of medical tourists to our country.

For Bergmann Kord’s staff, intensifying the sum of our activities, both medical and commercial, is already decided. Our strategic goal is to successfully respond to the rising interest of the world market. A fact that will prove helpful to the development of the Greek Economy, as a whole.

Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic – Greece

The ultimate destination for medical tourism


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