Medical Tourism by Bergmann Kord

Medical Tourism by Bergmann Kord

We arrange everything for you!!

At Bergmann Kord, we want everyone to have the privilege of access to a successful hair transplant. And we are providing you – interested persons abroad – with the opportunity to treat yourselves to a double gift:

You can make your appointment for a new look with Bergmann Kord in Greece.
Thus combining a hair transplant with a visit to the country celebrated for its contribution to culture, science, the arts, philosophy and beauty.

Your hair transplant will go from being a standard procedure to being a unique and special experience.


Just imagine your new look and leave it to Bergmann Kord’s doctors to give your dream beauty, symmetry, harmony and perfection.

  • Bergmann Kord is just 25 minutes from Athens airport.
  • An English speaking member of Bergmann Kord’s personnel will meet you on your arrival at the airport.
    He/She will welcome you and escort you to your Hotel.
  • We have the possibility to recommend and book for your stay in 2 different Hotels in just 2 minutes walk from our Clinic.

First Contact

Through a detailed evaluation of the information you send us, our doctors will be able to ascertain:

  • Whether you have a Donor Area that is suitable for a hair transplant procedure.
  • The hair transplant method best suited to you.
  • The number of hair follicles needed to achieve the desired result.

The number of hair follicles required is the main factor in determining the cost of your personal treatment. Our calculations take into account the type and extent of thinning, the desired degree of thickness and your personal goals.

You will receive a prompt answer and will be informed in detail regarding the cost of your personal treatment and everything else you need to know in order to move ahead confidently to a hair transplant.

Please note that in the days following your transplant, Bergmann Kord will be by your side providing you with round-the-clock medical care.

Online Diagnosis

Fill in this
Remote Diagnosis Form.
Collect information about your hair loss case. Confirm that you are a suitable Hair Transplant candidate.
Just from the comfort of your own space.
In any case, we will be glad to see you closely.