Hair Loss Consultation & Diagnosis

Hair Loss Consultation & Diagnosis

In our Clinics we provide a first diagnosis and consultation appointment.
At any Bergmann Kord  hair clinic located all over the county, in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere – and with discretion guaranteed – a private meeting is held for the necessary consultations on all aspects of the issue you are concerned about.

Firstly, you will fill in your medical history form and then you will be submitted to a Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis.

Microscopic Hair & Scalp analysis

The Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis is an advanced and effective hair loss diagnostic procedure.
Through this examination, we analyze and assess the deeper condition of hair and scalp, ascertain their needs and propose the appropriate personalized treatment.

Testing of hair and scalp reveals the pathology of hair follicles, providing all the necessary information:

  • Dermatological illnesses.
  • Estimation of sebaceous glands activity.
  • Hair loss type classification.
  • Definition of possible scalp or hair disorders.
  • Percentage of hairs in each phase of hair growth cycle.
  • Definition of quality standards of the shaft.
  • Density measurement ( Follicular Units / cm2, average number of hairs per follicular unit).
  • Estimation of thinning rate.
  • Reliable estimation of future hair loss.
  • Complete and detailed analysis of hair and scalp condition.

Proposed Options

As soon as we have the results of your Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis and of any additional tests that may be needed and once you have been personally examined by our experts, you will be presented with all the options you have in hair restoration and proposed the personalized treatment plan, best suited to your needs.
This might be: