AGF Hair Loss Treatment – AGF Injections

AGF Hair Loss Treatment – AGF Injections

Bergmann Kord  implements AGF (Autologous Growth Factors) hair loss treatment. This is an innovative method for the treatment of male & female hair loss.
AGF is a very effective treatment based on the Autologous Growth Factors. An enriched in platelets portion of blood is easily extracted after a special treatment of a small blood sample.
Its direct injection into the area affected by hair loss appears to be a highly effective hair loss treatment.
Additionally, it represents a hair transplant boosting treatment. It takes advantage of the various growth factors that platelets contain, which promote cell proliferation and tissue regeneration.

AGF protocol at Bergmann Kord

 AGF treatment is implemented under strict specifications of hygiene & safety. The specialized physicians of Bergmann Kord apply the following protocol:

  • Blood collection like common blood test.
  • Blood centrifugation under the instruction of the Bergmann Kord protocol in order to gather the rich plasma with the platelets.
  • Infusion of the multi-potent Autologous Growth Factors into the area affected by hair loss.

Are all AGF protocols identical?

AGF effectiveness depends on its protocol of implementation. It’s important to mention that Bergmann Kord implements a unique AGF protocol which differs from the other ones at the following points:

  • Thanks to our specialized centrifugation technique the total amount of platelets is extracted (centrifugation conditions is a parameter on which mostly depends the effectiveness of AGF).
  • The whole amount of plasma(and not only a part of it) is exploited.
  • The collection of the whole amount of the white phase (“buffy coat”) provides additional benefits. This is due to the fact that  apart from the platelets, we also extract the white blood cells.  It is scientifically proven that they produce and release cytokines and growth factors that act in synergy with Autologous Growth Factors.

Is AGF a safe hair loss treatment?

The autologous nature of AGFrenders it an absolutely safe treatment with no side effects.
AGF is a simple and painless process. It is  implemented by Bergmann Kord΄s scientists under strict specifications of hygiene & safety.
Moreover, AGF is itself an antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory biological material. Therefore it provides antiseptic action and protection.

AGF treatment has been implemented for years in wound healing (orthopaedics, chronic ulcers, burns and surgical scars) with very impressive results.


They are few and related to unregulated blood sugar or anticoagulant treatment. Before any AGF treatment, the doctor carefully reviews each patient’s history.

The role of Growth Factors in hair loss treatment

Blood is consisted of approximately 55% plasma, which contains red & white blood cells, platelets, proteins, other nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and carries out their distribution in the body.

Two of the most important components of AGF are Cytokines (proteins of growth, differentiation and immunological response) and Growth Factors.

Growth Factors are special proteins that are produced by certain cells in our body and activate the repair of tissues that do not operate properly or have been damaged, by developing regenerating and revitalizing action.
This is achieved through the reactivation of the weak adult stem cells and the proliferation and regeneration of the cells of the concerned area.

Based on the fact that platelets contain various growth factors, through the AGFtherapy the concentration of growth factors is increased, and thus a profound number of adult stem cells is reactivated.
Then, they give the appropriate signals for the refunction of the concerned area and as a result, the self-repair of the disorders is achieved in less time and with far more effectiveness.

When implemented as a hair loss treatment, AGF is able to reactivate the impaired Hair Follicles that do not operate properly in order to provide invigorated hair.
AGF “forces” the human organism to react in an intense but completely natural way to the impaired function of hair follicles, by supplying the concerned area with activated cells that take up the regeneration process, thus contributing to the regeneration of the hair follicles.

AGF Results

Significant results have been observed in hair loss treatment, mainly due to the fact that hair loss can be reversed and the result can be preserved.
Nevertheless, we should mention that AGF is not an FDA approved treatment until now and there are a percentage of patients to whom the AGF treatment has slight or even no effectiveness.

How often should the AGF treatment be offered?

The frequency for the AGF treatment depends on each case, and it is usually repeated every 6 months or 1 year. Nevertheless, in cases of Alopecia who require more intense treatment, it should be repeated more frequently.