Volumed Hair Loss Treatment

Volumed Hair Loss Treatment

Volumed® comprehensive scientific hair care

BERGMANN  has conducted  intensive laboratory research for more than 140 years.  These are focused on the field of hair loss and problems of hair and scalp in general.
It has dealt with all sorts of scientific therapies that restore and ensure hair health.
Through intensive clinical research and innovation, all of our planning focuses on specializing in state-of-the-art know-how and in the application of cutting-edge methods.

BERGMANN KORD΄s hair loss treatments for men and women provide hair with nourishment & invigoration in order to slow down the hair loss process & strengthen hair.

The first diagnostic appointments is very important so that to confirm the causes of the hair loss.
Then, our clinic offers complete scientific programs and personalized treatment along with Volumed®

This is the BERGMANN KORD΄s exclusive line of hair care programs and hair invigorating products.

Specialized Volumed® Hair Treatment comprises effective products of natural origin, listed by the European Organisation for Medicines(CNPC).
All of them are dermatological tested and contain active ingredients that can ensure maximum effectiveness and satisfy the highest requirement for therapeutic care.

Plant Stem Cells Treatments

The plant stem cells treatments are based on the most advanced researches for the delay of hair follicles ageing.
They delay the natural ageing of the follicle, have a rejuvenating action at cellular level and maintains the vitality of the scalp.

Plant stem cells contain similar epigenetic factors as human stem cells.
Plant stem cells extracts provide important nutrients to human stem cells and
Plant stem cells nutrients improve the viability and healthiness of human stem cells.