Hair Loss at a Young Age


The right solution for young men suffering from hair loss: hair loss therapeutic treatment or hair transplantation?


Hair loss at a young age (18-25) is quite common in men. In the majority of cases, the primary cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, while other contributing factors accelerate the onset and progress of hair loss. Some of these factors are:

– low food quality (deficient in proteins, vitamins, minerals or trace elements)
– environmental factors
– stress
– certain medicines
– certain illnesses

It is important to remember that:

  •     Hair thinning becomes readily apparent only when about 50% of an individual’s hair has already been lost


  •     Hair loss at a young age progresses quickly; therefore, hair loss in the donor area is not yet stabilized


  •     The early onset of hair loss increases the likelihood of an eventual extended hair loss pattern

BERGMANN KORD΄S  policy on hair loss at young age 


Everyone involved in the treatment of hair loss at a young age must approach this sensitive subject with professionalism, respect and honesty.
Young men suffering from hair loss need to be thoroughly informed of all their options and be advised of the optimum solution in each case, so that an aesthetically pleasing result can be guaranteed for the future.
As mentioned above, the donor area of a young man is not yet stabilized and may continue to undergo hair loss. Therefore, the hair transplantation option must be put off to a later date.
For instance, if the selection of follicular units is carried out from an unstable donor area, there is an increased likelihood of losing a significant percentage of the transplanted hair in the future.

BERGMANN KORD implements specific therapeutic treatments for hair loss at a young age:

a) Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis, a diagnostic tool which in addition to assessing the present condition of the hair gives an accurate prognosis of future hair loss.
b) Hair loss preventive & therapeutic treatments with Soft Laser and Volumed products, which strengthen weakened hair and give hair follicles a new lease of life.

All therapeutic treatments at BERGMANN KORD are preventive in nature and provide nourishment and strength to hair follicles in order to delay the appearance of hair loss and minimize its spectrum of action.
BERGMANN KORD΄s specialists monitor the progress of hair loss closely, and when circumstances allow, the young man suffering from hair loss can move ahead confidently to a hair transplantation.
In this way, hair loss at a young age is brought under control and hair transplantation can be carried out at the most appropriate time in order to avoid the extensive thinning that brings about extreme changes in appearance.

This is a very important advantage, as no one is aware that a hair loss problem is being addressed and the young man will never notice a remarkable change in his appearance.
Moreover, the Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis allows us to schedule ‘Session II’ for optimum results from the donor area, as doctors carry out long-term future planning.

In most cases of hair loss at a young age, the supply of follicular units from the donor area is limited fairly early, so optimum use of these follicular units is vital to meeting future needs.


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