Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

The advanced  FUE Technique for beard transplantation to the cheeks, chin, sideburns and mustache, can give the intended solution for many patients. It restores their hair loss or just to thicken their facial hair.

This way, they can achieve their desired look for personal or professional reasons.

The basic cause for facial hair loss is heredity.
The patients want to increase the density and improve the shape of their facial hair. The aim is to attain a perfectly shaped beard, mustache or sideburns.

The FUE beard transplant, being utilized by the experienced doctors of Bergmann Kord, can respond fully to the demands of the patient. Mainly  due to :

  • Absence of post-operative scaring and nuisances.
  • The ability to extract a specific number of isolated hair follicles.
  • Rapid healing of both the recipient and donor areas.
  • Completely mild post-operative course with very few restrictions, concerning mainly the first week after the transplant.
  • Reproduction of the natural way that hair grows, ensuring a complete, aesthetically perfect, result.

After personal discussion and consultation, Bergmann Kord’s doctors will design the appropriate plan for beard restoration,. This plan is based mainly on the wishes of the patient.

Just like in eyebrow restoration, the main challenge for beard implantation is the placement, in the correct angle, of the hair follicles in order to achieve a natural look.

The  Donor Area is selected carefully from the back of the scalp.

Hair follicles are chosen according to their thickness and diameter, as well as the number of hair they contain, since in most cases they have one or two hairs each.

More Information about the Procedure

The operation lasts from 3 to 5 hours, always according to the number of hair follicles that have to be transplanted. That number is depended on the size of the Recipient Area that has to be covered in order to achieve a complete result.

For increased density, a second session may be required. The beard implantation, using the evolved FUE hair transplant technique, is performed under local anesthesia, always under the direct observation of an anesthesiologist.

After the completion of the transplant, it is recommended not to shave the area for 10-15 days and follow a soft foods diet.