Soft Laser Hair Loss Treatments

Soft Laser Hair Loss Treatments

Treatment against Hair Loss with Soft Laser

BERGMANN KORD΄s hair loss treatments are indicated for people who experience hair loss, usually at early stages and wish to slow down the procedure of hair loss.
All the therapies are also formulated to treat possible scalp disorders. Beyond Volumed® treatments, the supplementary use of Soft Laser optimizes the effectiveness.

The laser beam acts mechanically and supplies scalp with energy, which at a deeper cellular level is being transformed into chemical.
As a result:

  • It causes local dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow.
  • It stimulates and boosts microcirculation on the scalp.
  • It increases oxygenation and nourishment of hair follicles.
  • It prolongs the hair growth cycle.
  • It activates hair roots.
  • It activates and energizes cell metabolism and activity.
  • It reinforces the penetration and absorption of the other treatments.
  • It activates enzymes and protein synthesis.
  • It improves the nourishing ability of hair follicles.
  • It invigorates, reconstructs and regenerates tissues.
  • It increases the percentage of hair in Anagen Phase.
  • It accelerates hair growth rate.
  • Hair loss is stabilized significantly, as both 5-a reductase and DHT action is been prohibited.
  • It regulates sebaceous glands activity.
  • It helps to treat scalp disorders.
  • It increases scalp elasticity.
  • A significant percentage of hair in Telogen Phase enters the Anagen Phase.
  • It upgrades the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of hair shaft (health, diameter, flexibility, strength, force).
  • Hair gains in strength, energy, density, volume, vitality and beauty.

Finally, Soft Laser can be used at all stages of hair loss, as well as against scalp disorders (excessive oiliness, dry scalp, redness, itchiness, dandruff) and its implementation is painless and safe.