Our People


Our People


The values and principles that rule our company are genuinely expressed through our people: pleasant attitude, sense of social contribution, high level of specialization and constant training, all constitute characteristics of people who realize personal and corporate goals through our clients΄ satisfaction.

It is therefore a priority for us to provide support to our people through 3 basic parameters:  

  • Specialization and excellent knowledge of their subject: Our people specialize in their subject through related studies and job experience. We provide them with all the necessary information on the latest data and achievements, ensuring the necessary infrastructure for sufficient and effective knowledge management. Moreover, we pay great attention to the systemic approach of the environment, in order to ensure operating in excellence, both individually and collectively.


  • Constant training: Rapid progress in medicine and technology along with the increasing demands for adaptation to the new data, call for constant flow of training. Only in this way can we measure up to the high levels of quality and know- how we come to adopt each time.


  • Pleasant attitude: We all aim at satisfying our clients΄ needs with empathy, consistency and responsibility.

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