Why Bergmann Kord

Why Bergmann Kord

The Reasons behind your Choice

  • Bergmann Kord Hair Transplant Clinic utilises more than 40 years of experience in hair loss treatment
    The clinic΄s medical team has implemented more than 70000 hair transplant sessions.
  • Bergmann Kord΄s doctors are specialised in all modern Hair Transplantation techniques that reproduce the natural hair growth.
  • Bergmann Kord has accomplished all the latest ISO quality assurance certification, ensuring the implementation of high quality policies in all standards of Hair Transplantation.
  • Due to our highly experienced medical team, our state-of-the-art know-how and our up-to-date technology, our clinic is able to provide quality Hair Transplants.
  • All hair transplant surgeries are performed in Bergmann Kord’ s private, modern, and specially designed medical clinics.
    The strictest protocols of hygiene and safety against Covid-19 are fully abided by.
  • Bergmann Kord΄s doctors are providing hair loss patients with honest consultation and personalised treatment.
    Being oriented to medical ethics, our doctors evaluate reliably each case and propose the appropriate realistic options.
  • Bergmann Kord can get you in touch with people who have undergone Hair Transplantation at our clinics.
    You will be allowed to closely view the excellent quality of work, the attention paid to details, and the natural aesthetic result.
  • Our hair transplant doctors closely monitor all new developments in order to be at the cutting edge of the hair transplant field. They attend to all European & Global Conferences on a regular basis.
  • Our doctors establish each patient’s Personalised Hair Transplantation Plan (PHTP) in order to ensure that the hair transplantation will fit ideally to his/her profile.
  • Bergmann Kord is at the cutting edge of hair transplant development, espouses immediately the newest scientific practices and constantly enriches its know how with the latest medical achievements

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