• BERGMANN KORD is a medical clinic specialized in hair transplantation


  • We have 36 years of experience in hair loss treatment


  • Our doctors have carried out more than 60.000 hair transplantation procedures. The first hair transplantation in Greece was successfully performed by BERGMANN KORD doctors


  • We regard hair transplantation not simply as an aesthetic issue but mainly as a medical practice of responsibility


  • BERGMANN KORD doctors are specialized and highly experienced in hair transplantation


  • Our clinic’s doctors establish each patient’s Personalised Hair Transplantation Plan (PHTP) which ensures that the hair transplantation will fit ideally to the patient’s profile


  • Our doctors implement the most up-to-date hair transplantation techniques (Follicular Unit Transplantation), which reproduce the natural way of hair growth and ensure a permanent, natural and flawless aesthetic result


  • BERGMANN KORD doctors perform a combination of scientific excellence and evolved aesthetic ability


  • All procedures are performed in our private, modern and specially designed medical clinics, using innovative and up-to-date technology


  • We measure a high satisfaction degree among our patients


  • We offer honest and reliable information and propose the appropriate, realistic solutions


  • We ensure personalized treatment and individual care


  • BERGMANN KORD is at the cutting edge of hair transplant development, espouses immediately the newest scientific practices and constantly enriches its know how with the latest medical achievements


  • We perform continuous quality measurements in order to ensure the high level of services


  • We can get you in touch with people who have undergone hair transplantation at BERGMANN KORD so as to closely view the excellent quality of work, the attention paid to details and the natural results



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