Scar Hair Restoration


The most advanced FUE technique, besides producing excellent results in hair transplantation, it is also used with significant success for scar hair restoration.
Many patients contact Bergmann Kord to cover scars or other marks on their scalp or body. These scars can be caused from an accident or be the result of another aesthetic operation (lifting, etc.).

This specific transplant is a very fine and very demanding operation. Bergmann Kord’s experienced team is specialized in such operations.

After a personal briefing and consultation with Bergmann Kord’s doctors, they will design the proper plan for scar hair restoration. The correct course of action will be selected, after discussing all the details, based on the needs and wishes of the patient.

The use of the FUE hair transplant technique is an excellent choice due to its minimally invasive nature and advantages. An good example of the technique’s advantage is the swift completion of the operation and the minimal time needed to recover and return to regular activities.

It should be noted that, in many cases, the area from which the hair follicles will be extracted can be any part of the body, besides the scalp (chest, back, etc.).

The first results after a scar hair restoration session will be visible about 4 months after the operation.
The complete, permanent, result comes about 12 months after the day of the transplant.


The hair follicles that are selected from the donor area must contain one or two hairs each to achieve a natural look. Those are classified and then stored until the moment of their implantation.


  • For the preparation of receptor points of the hair follicles in the recipient area, specialized micro-tools are used in order to maintain some set specifications during their placement.
  • This careful and studied placement of hair follicles is very important for a natural looking result and for achieving maximum density.

Scar hair restoration can be combined with other Corrective Hair Transplants.


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