Hair Loss Treatments – General Information

Hair Loss Treatments – General Information

Consultation at Bergmann Kord Hair Clinics is a useful source of objective information about hair loss or other hair- related issues.
Through a detailed conversation with our experts you receive reliable and clear answers to all your questions.

Diagnosis through Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis is provided for free in all personal consultations at our clinics.

Bergmann Kord΄s experts will study your medical history form and the results of the Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis.
You will be examined and explained in a scientific but understandable way all the available options.

Consultation with the Experts

At Bergmann Kord, we give priority to effective communication and we have the determination and ability to find the appropriate personalized solutions.
During your consultation, you will get informed on all the solutions we can provide you in hair loss treatment.

Specialized tests

The most common cause of female hair loss is hormonal disorders.
But there are also many other causes leading to hair loss -thyroid disorders, certain illnesses, or protein, vitamin, mineral, trace element deficiency etc, so there should take place further specialized blood and/ or hormonal tests (even vitamin tests and minerals & trace elements checking) in order to define precisely the cause of hair loss.
If needed, we record your nutrition history or even provide specialized dermatological diagnosis.

During the consultation with our experts, all your questions will be answered and the he will inform you honestly and in detail about what you can expect.
The doctor’s experience and deep knowledge will help you realize all your personal prospects and abilities.