Corrective Hair Transplants | Scar Restoration – Scar Revision


Corrective Hair Transplants | Scar Restoration – Scar Revision


One of the basic principles of BERGMANN KORD is providing thorough information throughout your personal consultation. You should be fully explained what to expect as a result.
The same amount of attention is also paid to online communication, so that you receive reliable, honest and responsible information.

Initial medical planning and flawless implementation are the 2 important issues in ensuring the desirable result in hair transplantation. But as is observed in some cases, there is a percentage of people who are not completely satisfied with their former hair transplantation procedure-unattractive hairline, hairline of low density, poorly performed hair transplantation, hair transplant of poor density, largegrafts or abused donor area and should undergo a repair procedure.
This problem was more intense during the previous decade, when hair transplantation techniques were not as advanced as today and provided quite unnatural results, and in some cases even visible scarring.

BERGMANN KORD doctors, by the implementation of Follicular Unit Transplantation, accomplish the necessary corrective work, which is very demanding and requires more skills than those needed for normal hair transplantation procedures. Medical appointment with the doctor is of course absolutely necessary to evaluate the condition and honestly indicate to what extent improvement is possible.

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