VIP Traveler Package

VIP Traveler Package

VIP TRAVELER PACKAGE includes first class service. The hair transplantation will go from being a standard procedure to become a unique and special experience by visiting our hospitable country.

We are doing our best we can to make you feel comfortable within this visit. We plan a comfortable operation for you with all the details, according to your needs and plans for taking some days off.

We are ready to welcome you and we provide safety in Bergmann Kord s, which are being applied according to requests of our all visitors.

Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

Online Diagnosis Form

1) The first step to start your plan to visit Bergmann Kord in Athens, is completing the Online Diagnosis Form. Through a detailed assessment of the information you provide to BERGMANN KORD, our doctors can ascertain:


  • Whether you have a donor area that is suitable for a hair transplant procedure
  • The hair transplant plan best suited to you
  • The number of follicular units needed required

2) Your photos are necessary for our evaluation. They must include the thinning as well as the donor area.


3) You will receive a prompt answer and you will be informed in detail regarding the details of the operation, your visit and the exact cost of your hair transplantation in order to move ahead confidently to take final decision.

Preparations Before the trip

  • Once the most suitable treatment plan for you will be determined, the appropriate date for the operation will be chosen by mutual consent.
  • Before your trip, you will get all the details by email and will complete the personal health form and any other actual forms according to the Covid-19 government instructions, so that to avoid any delays during your visit.
  • Once you fill in the forms and send us, Bergmann Kord will prepare everything for you and your family before your arrival, no worries!

Travel and Pick up

Welcome in Athens! Share your flight plan with us when you book your tickets. We will then be able to determine the transfer times and the time of your operation based on your flight.

Airport Greeting: We will drive you from the airport to the hotel and do our best to make you feel comfortable before the operation and relax. Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic is located just 25 minutes from Athens International Airport.

Hotel Service: Our services include accomodation in Hotel of modern amenities and personalized services located in the center of Athens, no farther than 7 kilometers from our Clinic.

Once you arrive

In the clinic our patients are welcomed by our expert doctors and consultants.
After the tests and preparations the operation starts by our medical teams in an extreme sterile and safe environment.
You will be prepared for the operation. Our consultants will be in contact with you throughout the process. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your consultant!

Procedure in the clinic

After you will have the preliminary discussion with the head doctor regarding your hair transplant plan, the operation will start.
Please note that in order to achieve optimal results your hair will be trimmed very short in the sites and back of the head before the actual operation. In our medical team is always including an anaestiologist so that we can assure a painless experience.

You will have the possibility to can entertain yourself with music or TV during the whole process. The operation itself takes between three and eight hours depending on the number of grafts.

Before you go to your Hotel, our experts will provide and inform written about the medicines that will be taken.

Healing process

Second day after the procedure you will come to the clinic for the first wash of the head. In this appointment a follow-up examination will be done at the clinic.
Here you will get further written information on the appropriate hair care procedures to follow after the operation. Then you can enjoy the rest of the time for doing some holidays and see the sights.

Follow up and travel back

According to your flight schedule, we will arrange your transfer back to the airport so that to return safe back home.
After you leave the country, our patient representatives will be in contact with you throughout the whole post-operational phase and closely monitor your hair growth process.

After 2 weeks from the operation our consultants will request your first photo and following regularly requests for another photos, so that to monitoring the progression of your hair growth. These photos are stored in our database.

Finally, 12 months after the operation, we will evaluate the result.

Online Diagnosis

Fill in this
Remote Diagnosis Form.
Collect information about your hair loss case. Confirm that you are a suitable Hair Transplant candidate.
Just from the comfort of your own space.
In any case, we will be glad to see you closely.