HOS-2 Technique for patients’ hair loss


HOS-2 Technique for patients’ hair loss


Hair Technique for Medical Conditions (Hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, clinical diseases etc.)


For hair loss cases that are result of medical conditions (radiation, chemotherapy) or for untreatable types of alopecia, BERGMANN KORD applies exclusively in Greece an innovative technique HOS-2, which is the first product that has been approved from FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as a medical restoration hair product. This specialized technique HOS-2 can be covered financially from all of the insurance funds.

The technique HOS-2 outperforms in relation to the medical wig, as it ensures the patient unique capabilities:

  1. To maintain exactly the first image of his hair. The result is absolutely natural, it has no difference from the patient’s hair before the beginning of the treatment and therefore it doesn’t perceive
  2. To have a permanent 24hour application of the hair, as the hair system stays put and isn’t being removed as the wigs do
  3. To treat the new hair exactly as the natural one (shampooing, dyeing etc.)

Although hair loss as a result from a medical condition is temporary and reversible, however it affects the patient’s psychology and quality of life. It’s important the patient to have options that can work supportively during his medical treatment.


Technical Information about technique HOS-2



The Technique HOS-2 is based on a specialized hair system that consists of a specific membrane in which natural hair with same quality as the real one is being implanted. Then the membrane is being pasted on the scalp where it fits perfectly and with absolute stability without the need of removal.  The membrane is absolute safe and it allows the skin to breathe without influencing its hygiene. Furthermore, because of its excellent thinness it allows the person the sense of every external condition.

The new technique HOS-2 is applied exclusively from BERGMANN KORD.