G.A.T.: Advanced Hair Transplantation with the utilization of Growth Factors


Growth Advanced Transplantation (G.A.T.): Advanced hair transplantation with the utilization of blood’s Growth Factors



Aiming the enhance of the hair transplantation’s result, Bergmann Kord applies hair transplantations combined with AGF (Autologous Growth Factors), as the utilization of Growth Factors contributes essentially, in every way during the whole process of the hair transplantation.

Growth Factors are special proteins that are produced by certain cells in our body and activate the repair of tissues that do not operate properly or have been damaged, by developing regenerating and revitalizing action. Based on the fact that platelets contain various growth factors, through the AGF therapy the concentration of growth factors is increased, and thus a profound number of adult stem cells is reactivated.

As a result, the self-repair of the disorders is achieved in less time and with far more effectiveness. This is achieved through the reactivation of the adult stem cells and the proliferation and regeneration of the cells of the concerned area, so that the new hair can grow and the existing one can present bigger intensification, diameter and length. Concerning the utilization of Growth Factors combined with the hair transplantation, the profits that result are multiple in all of the process’s stages.


1.  In the strip section:


  • For the restraint of the bleeding
  • For the reinforcement of the healing (faster restoration of the scar & minimization of any swelling and therefore a sooner post-surgery restoration)
  • For a less obvious scar after the restoration


2.  In the transplants before implantation (impregnation of grafts in AGF solution before the implantation or immersion of the grafts before the placement in activated AGF)


  • For the better preservation of the grafts while they remain out the organism
  • For the reinforcement of graft’s living and growing after the placement


3.  As regular application of the scalp:


  • For the activation of the feeble follicular units so that they produce healthy hair
  • For rapid outgrowth of the hair
  • For the strengthening and the protection of the existing hair but also the restriction of the hair loss


It is important to mention that:


-The effectiveness of Bergmann Kord’s G.A.T. method lies in the specialized protocol of application (way of centrifugation, enrichment with special elements etc.).

-The Advanced Hair Transplantation with the exploitation of blood’s Growth Factors (G.A.T.) can be applied so much in the case of FUT (strip) as also in FUE hair transplantation technique.


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