Information about hair


Information about hair


  • The normal rate of hair loss is 50-100 hairs a day (having 100.000 hairs on the scalp on average, then almost 10.000 of them are in the Telogen Phase and 1% of those -100 hairs-can be daily released from hair follicles)


  • The number of hair follicles on our scalp is genetically predefined and reduces during one΄s lifetime


  • Hair follicles need almost 6 months to replace a released hair with a new one


  • Each hair follicle produces approximately 20 hairs during its lifetime


  • Each hair can have a lifetime up to 7 years


  • Hair grows more than ½ inch per month on average, with a slightly faster rate for women and a slightly slower one for specific categories – old aged, chronic patients etc


  • Many of our hairs may grow even more than 1m in their lifetime


  • People with red hair have approximately 90.000 hairs on scalp, fair -haired 140.000 hairs and dark or brown haired fluctuate inbetween


  • The most qualitative hair growth takes places from puberty to the age of 30. As man ages, hair growth rate decelerates


  • The pigment Melanin defines hair colour. There are 2 types of melanin: Eumelanin pigments black and brown hair and Pheomelanin pigments blond and red hair


  • Hair gets gray or white when cells that produce melanin decrease or stop its production


  • During summer, hair growth rate accelerates and hair grows faster: high temperature increases the speed of reactions and operations in hair follicles


  • During day, hair growth rate is more intense


  • Healthy hair is characterized by increased flexibility: if streched, it can elongate by an additional 30% of its length without breaking