Soft Laser Hair Loss Treatments for Women


Soft Laser Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Hair loss treatment refers to the options we have in giving a new lease of life to hair follicles. Hair loss treatments provide hair follicles with nourishment and invigoration in order to prolong the hair growth cycle, thus delaying the beginning of hair loss and restricting its action.Hair loss. Femail hair loss. Hair loss tretments for women.

BERGMANN KORD΄s hair loss treatments  

The intensive laboratory research being conducted by German BERGMANN for more than 130 years in the field of hair loss and problems of hair and scalp in general, has dealt with all sorts of scientific therapies that restore and ensure hair health.

In our clinic we offer reliable medical care, based on hair΄s real needs, so as to provide personalized solutions easily, simply and timely.

BERGMANN KORD implements the latest and most effective invigorating hair treatments, even in cases of advanced hair loss, carried out though Volumed Hair Treatment and Soft Laser.

Volumed treatment 

Specialized Volumed Hair Treatment is the effect of many years of intensive research. Effective natural products with no side effects, approved by the Hellenic Organisation for Medicines, dermatologically tested and with active ingredients for maximum effectiveness, satisfy the highest requirement for therapeutic care.

BERGMANN KORD΄s therapists schedule the appropriate individual program for each person, evaluating the specific needs of their organism, scalp and hair.

Soft laser 

In parallel to Volumed Treatment, the supplementary operation of Soft Laser ensures extensive therapeutic action and optimizes effectiveness. It is used in preventive hair loss treatments as well as in cases of advanced hair loss. The laser beam operates mechanically: Supplies scalp with energy that is being transformed into chemical at a deeper cellular level in the organism. As a result:

  • Causes local dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow
  • Stimulates and boosts microcirculation on the scalp
  • Increases oxygenation and nourishment of hair follicles
  • Prolongs hair growth cycle
  • Activates roots
  • Activates and energizes cell metabolism and activity
  • Reinforces the penetration and absorption of the therapeutic ingredients of Volumed Treatment
  • Activates synthesis of enzymes and proteins
  • Improves the nourishing ability of hair follicles
  • Invigorates, reconstructs and regenerates tissues
  • Increases the percentage of hair in Anagen Phase
  • Accelerates hair growth rate
  • Hair loss is stabilized significantly, as both 5-a reductase and DHT action is being prohibited
  • Regulates sebaceous glands activity
  • Treats scalp disorders
  • Increases scalp elasticity
  • Creates the appropriate conditions for new hair to grow and emerge promptly
  • A significant percentage of hair in Telogen Phase enters the Anagen Phase
  • Upgrades the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of hair shaft (health, diameter, flexibility, strength, force)
  • Hair gains in strength, energy, density, volume, vitality and beauty

It is important to mention that in hair loss as well, prevention is preferable to treatment: delaying the beginning of hair loss is easier than invigorating hair in the Telogen Phase.

On the completion of 3 months, a new diagnosis through Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis is made in order to record the new percentages of hair that belong to each phase (Anagens, Telogens or Dystrophics).

BERGMANN KORD΄s hair loss treatments are suitable for: 

  • Starting or even advanced hair loss
  • Thin, weakened hair
  • nvigorating and strengthening the already transplanted hairs and enforcing the existing ones
  • Scalp disorders (excessive oiliness, dry scalp, redness, itchiness, dandruff etc)
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