Hair Prosthesis


Hair Prosthesis 


Hair Prosthesis is a non-surgical option for hair restoration at any phase of the scalp’s hair loss. Hair prosthesis is suitable for those who don’t fulfill the conditions to proceed in hair transplantations, as well as in cases where there are increased demands for density. However, advanced techniques allow hair prosthesis even when we have a low level of scalp thinning.

BERGMANN KORD applies exclusively in Greece the New Age prosthesis technique, giving a natural result in thousands of men and women worldwide. 

The new hair is implanted in special hypoallergenic membranes that fit perfectly into scalp and have absolute stability. This special structure allows the sense of every external action and every kind of activity. Hair can be washed, combed and can sustain every hairdressing process (dyeing etc) as well as the use of products and styling. 

Hair prosthesis services of BERGMANN KORD are offered at the scientific centers of the clinic in Athens (Chalandri & Nea Smyrni), Thessaloniki, Patra, Larisa, Heraklion Krete’s and Rodos. 

Calling at 800 11 00 111 (without fee from landline phone around Greece) or in the individual phones of every clinic, everyone interested can schedule a free appointment with the Hair Prosthesis specialists and get informed by detail for the customized services. 




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