Myths & truths about Hair / Hair Loss


Myths & truths about Hair / Hair Loss   


  • Frequent hair washing aggravates hair loss 


THE TRUTH: Frequent washing removes the impurities and improves scalp condition. Hair washing also removes excess sebum and oiliness which contain DHT –the androgen that is responsible for androgenetic alopecia. Therefore, frequent washing reduces their impact on hair follicles.


  • Frequent use of hat, wig, prosthetic hair or helmet can cause hair loss and prevent hair from breathing


THE TRUTH: Only heredity, androgens and age are responsible for androgenetic alopecia. Moreover, hair doesn’t breathe; only the root does and receives oxygen through blood. But hair loss can be aggravated due to the above external factors.


  • Men who experience androgenetic alopecia have higher testosterone levels


THE TRUTH: Experiencing androgenetic alopecia does not necessarily mean having higher levels of androgens than other men, but only that hair follicles are more susceptible to DHT action, with this parameter leading to hair loss.


  • Androgenetic alopecia concerns men only


THE TRUTH: Androgenetic alopecia can be also experienced by females but there are differences between the male and female pattern.


  • Androgenetic  alopecia can be cured


THE TRUTH: There is no cure for androgenetic alopecia, but there are options for its treatment (hair transplantation, prosthetic hair, etc).


  • Intence bruching activates microcirculation on the scalp and protects from hair loss


THE TRUTH: Intense brushing can harm the scalp and damage hair. Brushing should be gentle and not more frequent than twice a day. Or else, it can harass and break hair shaft. 


  • The more protein you receive, the better for hair


THE TRUTH: Protein deficiency forces the organism to save on energy by causing hair follicles to enter the Telogen Phase, the last phase in hair life cycle. This results to massive hair loss within 3-4 months. However, if the lacking amount of protein is received, this condition can be reversed and hair follicles receive only the needed amount of protein.


  • If we uproot a white hair, then more will grow 


THE TRUTH: The only difference between white and pigmented hair is in the absence of Melanin.


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