Hair Loss Consultation & Diagnosis


Hair Loss Consultation & Diagnosis


The most significant step in treating female hair loss is the precise assessment of its causes; otherwise any attempt of treatment may prove ineffective. Hair loss is usually the symptom of a problem-pathological, for instance, which must be found and treated appropriately.
Diagnosis defines the way of hair loss treatment, according to the type, extent and severity of the problem.


1st step: Diagnosis | Personal consultation 


Call us for a free diagnosis and consultation appointment at any BERGMANN KORD hair clinic in Greece or Cyprus.
In a friendly and pleasant atmosphere – and with discretion guaranteed – a private meeting is held for the necessary consultations on all aspects of the issue you are concerned about.
Firstly, you will fill in your medical history form and then you will be submitted to a Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis, which is a diagnostic trichological test.

Diagnosis through microscopic hair & scalp analysis  


The Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis is an advanced and effective hair loss diagnostic procedure. Through the Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis we analyse and assess the deeper condition of hair and scalp, ascertain their needs and propose the appropriate personalized treatment.
The camera employed by this specialized diagnostic procedure examines different parts of the hair and scalp through high and distinctive microscopic analysis, with this information then screened on the computer.
Principle of function: Testing of hair and scalp reveals the pathology of hair follicles, providing all the necessary information:Hair loss diagnosis. Free online diagnosis in Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic.

1. dermatological illnesses

2. estimation of sebaceous glands activity

3. hair loss classification

4. definition of possible scalp or hair disorders

5. percentage of hairs in each phase of hair growth cycle                  

6. existence of dystrophic hair  

7. definition of quality standards of the shaft

8. density measurement (follicular units / cm2, average number of hairs per follicular unit)

9. estimation of thinning rate

10. reliable estimation of future hair loss

11. complete and detailed analysis of hair and scalp condition

Especially in the case of hair transplantation candidates, the Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis can certify whether all requirements are fulfilled in order to move forward with a procedure. Moreover, it provides a lot of useful information that will be utilized for the personalized hair transplantation planning:

• Specifies the exact limits of the donor area

• Defines the potentiality and supply of the donor area (safe limit estimation, elasticity, density)

• Defines hair ability to provide adequate density

• Ascertains whether the donor area is stable

• Allows planning of hair transplantation based on the estimation of future hair loss progress

• Provides estimation for session II

We should also mention that more than 90% of interested persons are suitable candidates for hair transplantation.
Diagnosis through Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis is provided for free in all personal consultations at our clinics.


Specialized blood and/ or hormonal tests 


The most common cause of female hair loss is hormonal disorders. But there are also many other causes leading to hair loss -thyroid disorders, certain illnesses, or protein, vitamin, mineral, trace element deficiency etc, so there should take place further specialized blood and/ or hormonal tests (even vitamin tests and minerals & trace elements checking) in order to define precisely the cause of hair loss. If needed, we record your nutrition history or even provide specialized dermatological diagnosis.

Consultations at BERGMANN KORD are a useful source of objective information about hair loss or other hair- related issues. Through a detailed conversation with our experts you receive reliable and clear answers to all your questions.
At BERGMANN KORD, we give priority to effective communication and we have the determination and ability to find the appropriate personalized solutions.
During your consultation, you will get informed on all the medical solutions we can provide you in hair loss treatment. You also get informed clearly about pricing.You can even view our surgery or therapy rooms and the other facilities.

All hair transplantation candidates have a thorough consultation with the doctor.
BERGMANN KORD΄s doctor will study your medical history form and the results of the Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis. You will be examined in person and explained in a scientific but understandable way what exactly hair transplantation is.
During the consultation with the doctor, all your questions will be answered and the doctor will inform you honestly and in detail about what you can expect from your personal hair transplantation. The doctor’s experience and deep knowledge will help you realize all your personal prospects and abilities.

You will also view photos from persons submitted to hair transplantation in BERGMANN KORD, while the doctor explains you the characteristics of each hair transplantation technique and proposes the appropriate for your case. You will get informed of every aspect of the procedure (before, during the session and after) in order to be fully informed.
Furthermore, the doctor will design the frontal line so as to have a first idea of what to expect.


2nd step: options | solutions 


As soon as we have the results of your Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis and of any additional tests that may be needed and once you have been personally examined by the doctor, you will be presented with all the options you have in hair restoration and proposed the personalized treatment best suited to you. This might be:






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