Bergmann Kord’s Specialized Hair Clinic of Patra at a new address

After six years of successful presentation in the greater area of Patra, Bergmann Kord Hair Clinic will  be relocated at the beginning of April to the centre of the city, at 111 St. Andrew’s Street, with new and ultra modern facilities. The main goal behind this relocation is for Bergmann Kord’s clients to have easier access to the Clinic. This is the reason why Bergmann Kord has created a new Hair Clinic at the heart of the City, in order to facilitate the growing number of Patra’s people who are interested in the treatment of Hair Loss and wish to visit the Clinic.

People who wish to arrange an appointment can call at 2610 424545 or visit the new Hair Clinic at 111 St. Andrew’s Street.    

Following the general philosophy of Bergmann Kord’s Group, the new Hair Clinic at Patra ensures the same high standards and quality of services which are implemented  for more than 35 years to all Bergmann Kord Hair Clinics in Greece and Cyprus.

With equipment of the very latest technology and a highly specialized medical and nursing staff, Bergmann Kord offers individualized treatments through a wide spectrum of medical and scientific services:                        

  • Hair Transplantation                      
  • Scientific Treatments for Hair Loss                        
  • HOS-2: Restoration of hair in cases of chemotherapy                          
  • Hair Prosthesis                           
  • Wigs for special diseases                         
  • Products for the treatment of Hair Loss                          
  • Hair Care Products

People who are interested can visit the new facilities of Bergmann Kord at Patra for a free trichological test and a free consultation.
More news will be posted at this site, informing for the grand opening of the new Hair Clinic.
For more information, people who are interested can contact Mr. Vardis Korderas at 210-6828888, 6974899190.

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